Security Guard

Overview of the Position

The Security Guard is responsible for providing security and protection to employees, visitors, and guests of government-owned and/or leased property. The Guard will perform a variety of complex proactive security functions ranging from simple rules violations to felony crimes. Duties include:

•Inspect buildings and adjacent grounds to prevent unauthorized removal of property and access torestricted rooms and areas. Check and secure exterior of the building’s entrances and windows; detect andapprehend unauthorized personnel; and note any unusual appearance or deviation from normaloperations. Make rounds on foot (roving patrol) or by motor vehicle.

•Screen persons, vehicles, packages, and other items, both electronically and physically, if necessary.Operate metal detectors and X-ray machines at District Government facilities; operate sophisticatedClosed-Circuit Television (CCTV), in addition to other electronic security devices.

•Aid visitors and Government clients by answering ques􀆟ons and providing direc􀆟ons. Escort persons onGovernment-owned and leased property.

•Assist with security assessment informa􀆟on and data collec􀆟on.

•Respond to reports of crimes and criminal reports within the jurisdiction of authority. For offenses notwithin the jurisdictional, making immediate notification to the D.C. Metropolitan Police (MPD) of theoffense and action taken.

•Maintenance of a daily activity log of incidents; and preparation of reports of incidents.

•Maintaining a lost and found articles log. Responding to staff and the general public regarding securityrelated questions (lost and found, etc.).

•Other related duties as determined.

Necessary Skills

•Excellent verbal and written communication skills

•Excellent interpersonal skills


•Sound judgment

•Works well under pressure.


•Armed Special Police Officer preferred

•Possess a high school diploma or equivalency; collegiate academic course work or an AA/ AS degree, preferable.

•Minimum of one (1) year of experience in law enforcement, or security or a combination of both.

•Possess a current “CPR/ First Aid” card issued by the American Red Cross or equivalent.

•Ability to pass required health and mental fitness examination.

CORE DC is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE)