Overview of the Position

The Deputy Director for Operations maintains primary responsibility for security, custody, and the protection of everyone in the facility, and the operation of the physical plant. The Deputy Director for Operations will also be responsible for the orderly running of the internal operations within the Facility (i.e., security, food service, safety and sanitation, property inventory and all Shift Supervisors and Resident Monitors).

Essential Duties

• The monitoring of the Veritracks tracking system for residents;

• Ensuring all head counts are conducted within the facility;

• Establishing and overseeing procedures to be followed in the event of unauthorized absences (including escapes) from the facility;

• Ensuring the security and safety of all occupants of the facility;

• Responsibility for all searches conducted within the facility; Implementation of administrative penalties for rules’ violations;

• Supervision of all non-clinical and non-programmatic personnel on staff, including Resident Monitors, Cooks, Maintenance staff etc;

• Other duties as assigned by the Facility Director or designee

Necessary Skills

• Knowledge of BOP Reentry Center rules and regulations

• Working knowledge of the Veritracks electronic monitoring system

• Knowledge of basic building facility systems

• Computer literacy


• Bachelors’ Degree required

• Experience working in a forensic setting

• At least two years supervisory experience in managing a residential building

CORE DC is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE)