The Bookkeeper

The Bookkeeper will be responsible for maintaining the purchasing accounts for the facility. The Bookkeeper will work with the Facility Director to ensure the facility supplies budget is on track with corporate budget projections, in addition to other administrative duties as assigned. The Bookkeeper maintains accurate records of vendor files for goods and services utilized at the facility. The Bookkeeper prepares purchase orders for the purchase of goods and services for Facility Director review and approval and forwards to the Corporate Office for final approval. The Bookkeeper takes inventory of supplies and ensures orders are made in a timely manner as needed with management approval.

The Bookkeeper oversees the petty cash fund and is responsible for safeguarding, distributing, and accurately recording petty cash and obtaining appropriate documentation. Additional duties include the distribution and control of transportation cards and laundry funds to eligible residents. For each account, the Bookkeeper prepares reconciliation reports for Facility Director and Corporate Office review.

The Bookkeeper prepares the facility work schedule, staff roster and manages the payroll process on a bi-weekly basis including accurate recordkeeping of staff time, accrued vacation, sick time, and holidays. Duties also include the maintenance of complete Personnel Records for each employee and, collection of employee expense reports for processing.

Required Skills:

• Must be proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and have a working knowledge of QuickBooks.

• Excellent written and oral communication skills


• Associates degree from an accredited college or university or experience equal to educational requirement; Accounting degree preferred.

Note: Employment at CORE DC’s Potomac House is subject to approval by the Bureau of Prisons, U.S. Department of Justice. All prospective employees will be fingerprinted and must pass a background check. Prior criminal record is not necessarily a bar to employment; failure to disclose a criminal record or pending criminal charges may be a bar to employment or may result in termination.

CORE DC is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE)